Welcome! This page is designed to allow you to explore Ballet 5:8, its work, and the art form of ballet. For access to regularly posted images, videos and tidbits, find Ballet 5:8 on one of our various social media channels linked via the icons above.

What to Expect

A short, informational article outlining what to expect at a Ballet 5:8 performance and key tips for having the best possible experience. This article is a great resource for veteran arts-goers and first-time attendees alike  [What to Expect - read more].

21st-Century Ballet

A brief introduction to the history of ballet performance as an art form and what it looks like today {21st-Century Ballet - read more].

Why a Ballet?

A short article that presents a proposition about ballet as form of mindful leisure, rather than mindless entertainment [Why a Ballet - read more].


Repertoire is a word used in artistic circles to describe the pieces of work - in our case, ballets - that the artist or company has created and collected over the course of a career. Not all ballets will necessarily be scheduled for performances at any given time, so make sure to consult the performance calendar for an up-to-date list of upcoming performances [Repertoire - Read More].

The B58 Blog

With new content posted regularly, you can find ongoing Ballet 5:8 news, get glimpses of life behind the curtain, and peek into the ballet creation process by reading our B58 Blog [The B58 Blog - read more].

Ballet 5:8 School Blog

With an emphasis on resources and information for dancers in training, the Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts blog is another way to get an inside feel for the life of a dancer or glean tips as you pursue dance training yourself. Posts cover physical as well as spiritual topics [The Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts Blog - Read More].