Because of our ongoing commitment is to the creation and performance of new, abstract and narrative works from the unique basis of our Christian faith, we are regularly adding new works to our repertoire. Click below to learn about each of the different ballets. 

Eden (2016)

Interplay (2016)

Mi Familia (2015)

And Mercy (2015)

Belteshazzar: A Perilous Tale (2015) 

Four Seasons of the Soul (2014)

Sigao Ekklesia (2014)

The Story of Job (2014)

Musings (2014)

As We Pray (2014)

Indwelling (2013)

Proverbs (2013)

Life in Question (2013)

Doxa (2013)

Minas: The Story of Three Servants (2012)

Performing History

Each season, we have the privilege of adding new performances to our history. Some performances grow into annual traditions that we return to year after year, but many others take place in new venues and cities, engage new audience members, and employ a mix of new and old repertoire as Ballet 5:8 continues to grow. Performances range from those that took place in traditional theaters to many nontraditional performances in gyms, on church stages, and even outdoors! We are privileged to be able to celebrate the memory of each of these distinct and varied performances here - and we look forward to adding more and more to the list with each performing season. Read the History >

Ballet 5:8 Blog


A short, informational article outlining what to expect at a Ballet 5:8 performance and key tips for having the best possible experience. This article is a great resource for veteran arts-goers and first-time attendees alike.

With an emphasis on resources and information for dancers in training, the Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts blog is another way to get an inside feel for the life of a dancer or glean tips as you pursue dance training yourself. Posts cover physical as well as spiritual topics.