Before the Vows

Premiere: October, 2016
Choreography: Julianna Slager

Costumes: Lorianne Barclay

In our culture, love and romance is so often portrayed as complicated, heart wrenching, and acutely difficult. What about the sweetness of romance? In Before the Vows, Artistic Director Julianna Slager invites audiences to savor the pure beauty of romance and the sweet wonder of two people getting to know each other's hearts, minds and personalities through respect, joy and kindness. Slager says, "Before the Vows is based on my own experience falling in love and the experiences of friends and family that I interviewed during the creative process. The piece is so sweet, starting with a first date, then moving from romance to a serious commitment. Who doesn’t love to see people that are happy and in love? Join me on a journey of simplicity, a nod to yesteryear that takes love back to its simple roots. Before the Vows displays the subtle beauty in the journey that leads us to commit to love another flawed human for a lifetime."