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Ballet 5:8 Benefit Campaign

The Annual Benefit Campaign allows Ballet 5:8 to raise the funds necessary to provide innovative, breathtaking performances and high-quality dance education to the many communities we serve. Our current season comes with an increased need as we have the opportunity to expand our programming in a new building!

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"At Ballet 5:8, I have the opportunity to tell stories that don't get told anywhere else. Ballet 5:8 tells stories of real emotions, real issues, real people; and we start conversations about them all. I love the athleticism of ballet, but the opportunity to share something with an audience is indescribable."

- Libby Dennen, Senior Apprentice with the Ballet 5:8 Professional Company

It’s Official: We Are Moving!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be moving our main studios and offices, currently in Frankfort, IL, to a new location just a few miles away in Orland Park, IL.

The move to the new 12,000 square foot building will be completed by early 2019.

Special thanks to our first studio sponsor, Mrs. Wanda Bowman!

See below for images of the new space, pre-construction.

The new space will allow us to grow and to better serve our current stakeholders in many, many ways!

Highlights in the new space include:

Additional studios that will allow us to increase programming, including our classical ballet training programs, recreational class, and a new All-Abilities Dance program for special needs dancers

Significantly larger studios that will benefit our professional company, classical ballet training programs and five-week national summer intensive

Space to expand our summer programs, including a new Collegiate Summer Intensive, and retreats for professional dancers and dance educators

A black-box theater for on-site performances

A larger lobby and additional bathrooms to serve the many dancers in our dance education programs and their families

Additional dressing rooms for students and staff

A lunch and homework area with tables for students juggling academics and dance classes in our Conservatory training program

Dedicated workspaces for administrative, production and costume department staff that work behind the scenes to make our programming possible

We are thankful for many generous donors and a partnership with Operation Nehemiah that has enabled us to begin work on remodeling the new space.

We still need your help to reach 100% of our $180,000 Benefit Campaign goal to fully fund our 2018/19 Season!

Gaining the needed funding to complete our move and support or daily operations is crucial to the continued operation of Ballet 5:8.

See How We Have Outgrown Our Current Space…


“Aesthetic experience, the perception of beauty, is valuable for its own sake and can also profoundly enrich our lives. Art can open our eyes to the beauties of the created order. A painting or a song or a poem can spark a flash of illumination. Art can even disclose spiritual truths and express them in a penetrating way.”

— Gene Edward Veith, Jr., State of the Arts