Interview: Laura Schlatter

Q.  When did you join Ballet 5:8?

A. I joined in August 2013 as a Company Artist- at the beginning of the company's second season.

Q. How long have you been dancing, including as a child?

A. Since age 5. I was one of those kids who was pretty hyperactive and my mom wanted to get me involved in something to soak up all that energy. I think she had this preconceived notion that her daughter would dance. Ballet has always been my focus, but I was introduced to jazz and contemporary in high school. I just love movin' and groovin'!

Q. Where do you call “home”?

A. The small farming community of Leo, Indiana along with my parents, three brothers and cat, "Rascal".

Q. What role, or what ballet has been your favorite with Ballet 5:8 so far? How about the most personally challenging?

Every piece of choreography we've performed this season has been so artistically different that it's hard to put a finger on a favorite! One role that has been challenging for me is performing the character Eliphaz, Job's friend in the full-length ballet The Story of Job. The emotion is so intense throughout the whole ballet that it can be exhausting trying to figure out new ways of making things fresh and real. But who doesn't love a good challenge?

Q. What excites you most about the 2014-15 season?

A. I have to say just being a part of the growth process of this company! 

Q. Why do you dance? 

A. When God presents you with a gift of joy, would you simply throw that gift away?