Interview: Samantha Zanol

We are privileged to announce the return of Samantha Zanol for her third season with Ballet 5:8! She will be continuing with us as a Senior Apprentice for the 2014-2015 Season.

Q: When did you join Ballet 5:8?

A: I joined Ballet 5:8 for it's first season in 2012.

Q: How long have you been dancing, including as a child?

A: I've been dancing for 17 years. I started dancing when I was 7 after visiting a dance studio with my Girl Scout troop.

Q: Where do you call “home”?

A: I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but Chicago is starting to feel like home!

Q: What led you to pursue dancing with a Christian company?

My desire has always been to use the gifts God has given me to glorify him and to share the Gospel. I came across Ballet 5:8 and saw that the values and mission of the company reflected my own and I knew it was where God wanted me to be.

Q: What is the most important thing that you keep in your dance bag or locker?

A: One of the most important things in my dance bag is my tennis ball. I use it to roll out and loosen up those pesky knots.

Q: Why do you dance? 

A: I dance because it brings me joy. My hope is that my dancing will bring other people joy and that they would see the beauty and creativity of our loving Father.