Interview: Lauren Cumpston

We are thrilled to welcome Company Artist Lauren Ader-Cumpston back for her third performing season with Ballet 5:8. Lauren will be returning with a new title, Lead Company Artist. Congratulations Lauren!

Q: How long have you been dancing, including as a child?

A. My parents enrolled me in dance classes at a local studio when I was 3 years old, however I did not begin to study classical ballet until the age of 14.

Q: Where do you call “home”?

A: This is a difficult question! I grew up in a small town in Colorado called Conifer, this is where my parents still live, so this will always be home to me. My husband and I live in Milwaukee because he is finishing up school there, so Milwaukee is also my home. But since I work here in Frankfort during the week, Frankfort also feels like home!

Q: What led you to pursue dancing with a Christian company?

A: The idea of being able to communicate the gospel through this amazing art form was really compelling to me - ballet has such a wonderful capability to tell stories in a way that is beyond what words alone can say. What better way to tell the world this amazing message?

Q: What role, or what ballet has been your favorite with Ballet 5:8 so far? How about the most personally challenging?

A: While I have enjoyed all of the repertoire we have performed, performing the role of Job has been both my favorite and most challenging. I loved being able to delve into the character of Job, which was also the most challenging part. The most wonderful part of dancing the role was having to wrestle with the concept of suffering in light of Christianity and discovering characteristics of God that strengthened my own faith.

Q: What excites you most about the 2014-15 season?

A: There is so much to be excited about for the upcoming season - I am excited to continue to work alongside all of the wonderful dancers, and to welcome new dancers into the company. I am also very excited about all of our new repertoire for this season, and especially eager to see how our Artistic Director Julianna Slager will bring the book of Daniel to life in our new full length story ballet.

Q: Why do you dance?

A; Simply because I love it - for me dancing feels more natural than even talking. I am so grateful that God has given me this amazing form of expression.