Brette Benedict on Interplay

Ballet 5:8 Artistic Director Julianna Slager's newest creation, Interplay, will go onstage for the first time this February in both the Mirrors of the Mind and Out of the Dust programs. The abstract ballet explores concepts drawn from the book of Proverbs and employs an angular, geometric movement style that Slager touched on for the first time in her 2014 Indwelling. This month, we decided to catch up with the soloists from Interplay for some insight into the work's main characters. 

Company Artist Brette Benedict as Wisdom in  Interplay

Company Artist Brette Benedict as Wisdom in Interplay

Company Artist Brette Benedict

Q. What is your character? 

A. I play the role of Wisdom

Q. What is your character’s personality like? 

A. Wisdom has been a challenge to portray.  Some qualities that always stand out in the movement and music is that wisdom is very peaceful and strong.

Q. How does that personality come out in your character’s choreography? 

The personality comes out mostly in the quality of movement and music. There are very specific arms that Julianna created for the character as well.

Q. What has been the most fun about taking on your role, emotionally and/or technically? What has been the most challenging about taking on your role?

The most fun things about Wisdom are the most challenging things to execute.  Wisdom is a very complex character to portray.  Reading and studying about wisdom and folly has helped to create and personify the characters a little bit. However, I feel like there is still more that I can uncover and learn to portray the emotional aspect of wisdom.  On the technical aspect of things, Julianna has pushed us even a little further than we have gone before as a company.  It has been fun to go through a creation process of creating "new steps" and then seeing them unfold in the choreography.

Q. Why come to see Interplay

Interplay is complex.  It is sort of like a game. The whole piece takes place inside a persons mind. I think it is entertaining to watch the piece as it is constantly changing moods and locations of the mind.