Brette Benedict: Spring Season Interview

After a busy Spring Season, the Ballet 5:8 Company Artists have a few weeks off from rehearsals and performances before we head into the Summer Season and Summer Intensive. We are checking in with each of them to see what they're up to and what stood out to them during the Spring Season. 

Brette Benedict joined Ballet 5:8 in the Fall of 2014. In just one performing season, Brette has become a very important of the Ballet 5:8 family! We are thankful she will be returning for her second season as a Company Artist this summer/fall, in addition to coming on staff in several new capacities with the company, Trainee Program and School of the Arts. 

Brette Benedict as the Red Skirt Girl in M usings...Or Don't Take Yourself So Seriously.

Brette Benedict as the Red Skirt Girl in Musings...Or Don't Take Yourself So Seriously.

What was your favorite moment this season? 

My favorite moment is hard to pick between all the different performances and the fun times we have on tours. I would have to say the most enjoyable moments are when we are creating new works as a company. We spend a lot of times creating and enjoying that process together with lots of laughter.

Which ballet challenged you the most this season? Why? 

The biggest challenge this season technically has been red skirt girl in the ballet Musings. The speed requires incredible attention to detail and a lot of stamina. 

Which has been your favorite ballet to perform this season? Why? 

My favorite ballet to perform this year has to be Belteshazzar, for multiple reasons. It was an incredible challenge for me artistically in the role of King Nebuchadnezzar.  I enjoyed going through the multiple mood swings he has as well as diving deeper into the emotions each time I had an opportunity to perform it. The most fulfilling part, though, was watching the rest of the cast do the same thing. It was so great to watch each dancer grow in their roles. We collectively became stronger physically and artistically. I had so many moments of watching my fellow co-workers that brought joy to my heart in the studio and on stage. 

Do you feel like you have changed this year? How? 

I most definitely have which I'm very thankful for. I've been challenged, encouraged, loved, and prayed for unconditionally.  That alone has motivated me and reignited my passion for ballet as well as continue my search to know God. This year has been full of struggles and prayerfully asking God for discernment and continues to be. I know that the process is never ending and I can never fully know God until I am one day in his presence but I hunger to learn as much as I can and not fall back on my self righteousness and good deeds without the love of God. 

Brette Benedict as Nebuchadnezzar in  Belteshazzar: A Perilous Tale

Brette Benedict as Nebuchadnezzar in Belteshazzar: A Perilous Tale

What are you looking forward to about this summer?

The summer season is full of excitement and I don't know if I'm fully ready for what it has to offer but I know that it will be a time full of growth. I'm really excited to teach the summer intensive students! Teaching them and being their as they grow in their ballet technique as well as their walks with the Lord.  

What are you looking forward to about next season? 

I'm excited to begin my second season with the company! Being more settled in with the company I'm excited to get more involved with teaching and desk work and getting to know more of the ballet 5:8 family.  I am also excited to begin new relationships and have more discussions about our Savior!

What are you up to during summer layoff? 

I'm responding to this email in Williamsburg, VA. I'm on a two week road trip with a small part of my family. My parents and my oldest sister and her two daughters who live in France have also been on this trip. It's been a blessing full of laughter and kisses from my two nieces. I've also been able to see my grandmother some aunts and uncles and one of my cousins.