Lorianne Barclay: Fuel for Dancing

Ballet 5:8’s professional artists share about their favorite recipes, food, and beverages that fuel their dancing days.

Photo by Rebekah Lane

Q. What are some of your favorite snacks for rehearsal or show days?

A. Nuts, carrots and hummus, chia pudding, avocados, sweet potatoes, roasted veggies, apples, RX bars, coconut water, kombucha and a soy latte. Variety is good!

Q. How do you balance a busy schedule and adequately fueling your body?

A. I eat a lot of small meals throughout a dance and rehearsal day, along with lots of liquids! I can feel a difference when I’m well hydrated and the multiple small meals keeps my blood sugar from crashing and able to focus through out our long days.

Q. What is one food or beverage you couldn't live without?

A. I don’t know if I can pick one, but coffee, ice cream, and broccoli are up there!

Q. What is one of your favorite recipes?

A. I love to make fun flavors of Chia pudding for a mid day snack before rehearsals. (Recipe)