Melanie Rodrigues: Fuel for Dancing

Ballet 5:8’s professional artists share about their favorite recipes, food, and beverages that fuel their dancing days.

Photo by Rebekah Lane

Q. What are some of your favorite snacks for rehearsal or show days?

A. I love trail mix with a bit of dark chocolate or fruit with nut butter. I also really like carrots with hummus for a mid day snack!

Q. How do you balance a busy schedule and adequately fueling your body?

A. I definitely eat a lot of snacks which include a variety of fruit, veggies, and nuts. Typically, I eat a big breakfast, something smaller for lunch, and then dinner with plenty of snacks in between. I also started drinking beet powder in my water for an after lunch boost.

Q. What is one food or beverage you couldn't live without?

A. Almond butter!! Or any nut butter :) My new favorite thing is to have almond butter with dates!

Q. What is one of your favorite recipes?

A. When I have time, I love trying new recipes that I find on Pinterest. I really liked making these chewy peanut butter granola bars; they definitely will satisfy a sweet tooth! (Recipe)

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Photo courtesy