Olivia Kruse: Fuel for Dancing

Ballet 5:8’s professional artists share about their favorite recipes, food, and beverages that fuel their dancing days.

Photo by Rebekah Lane

Q. What are some of your favorite snacks for rehearsal or show days?

A. I love to have clementines around backstage. They're easy to eat during intermission and they help keep my energy up during the second act. Bananas, Lara Bars, and dark chocolate are also touring staples.

Q. How do you balance a busy schedule and adequately fueling your body?

A. Typically the weeks are pretty busy with dancing, rehearsing, touring, and teaching, so scheduling time to meal prep on the weekends definitely helps me fuel my body adequately.

Q. What is one food or beverage you couldn't live without?

A. York Peppermint Patties are my absolute favorite treat :)

Q. What is one of your favorite recipes?

A. When my roommates and I have movie night, I love to make these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! They are gluten-free and vegan, so everyone can enjoy them :) (Recipe)

Photo courtesy  www.beamingbaker.com

Photo courtesy www.beamingbaker.com