Jessica Lohr: 2018/19 Season Reflections

Our Seventh Season has come to a close, and it's time to look back on the year and see what stood out to the dancers.


Jessica Lohr

Q. Pick one word to describe this season overall. Why?

A. Explore. I feel that the company and myself as an individual experienced freedom to explore newness in both art and in faith.

Q. What was your favorite moment onstage?

A. There were so many incredible moments on stage this past season. Our last performance of Shades of Refrain definitely stuck out to me. Having performed in this piece two years in a row I was suddenly struck by the impact it has had on me. I realized that dancing this piece so many times both in rehearsals and on the stage has taught me more about God and also myself. During this particular performance I felt a profound sense of unity and togetherness with the other dancers. It felt like one prayer danced together, each dancer contributing with their own heart cries driven by their unique stories and experiences. The generosity of the dancers around me was truly humbling.

Q. Looking back, would you say that you learned something new about yourself or found yourself stretched out of your comfort zone?

A. Absolutely! This season definitely had its challenges but I honestly feel that the challenges made it all the more fulfilling in the end.

Q. Is there a particular quote or idea that has been inspirational to you this season?

A. Before this season began someone prayed the words "grace and boldness" over me. Throughout the season I kept having reminders of these words and how God has given me grace to walk in freedom and boldness. These words have been an inspiration to my dancing as I strive to dance and perform in grace and boldness.

Q. What are you up to this summer?

A. I will be teaching, traveling, and taking college classes this summer!