Laura Peterman: 2018/19 Season Reflections

Our Seventh Season has come to a close, and it's time to look back on the year and see what stood out to the dancers.

Laura Peterman

Q. Pick one word to describe this season overall. Why?

A. Testing. This has been a season of tremendous growth and a lot of change, both for me personally and the company as a whole. We moved to a new studio space in the middle of the season, performed in many brand new cities, and were continually pushed as both artists and athletes throughout this season's repertoire. It has been very rewarding to see the grit, love, and tenacity that this community holds.

Q. What was your favorite moment onstage?

A. This season held many special moments for me onstage--our performance in Grand Rapids this October marked my first performance as a company artist with Ballet 5:8, in a role that had been my first performance with Ballet 5:8 four seasons ago as a trainee. That definitely made our final performance of Four Seasons of the Soul that much more meaningful to me. Our performance of The Shades of Refrain in Atlanta was also very impactful, and I was so overwhelmed with God's presence and grace onstage that as the curtain closed, I was fighting back tears. I am so grateful for the people this company has brought into my life, and I try to cherish every moment I have onstage with them.

Q. Looking back, would you say that you learned something new about yourself or found yourself stretched out of your comfort zone?

A. I have definitely felt stretched this year! My comfort zone tends to stay centered around the classical ballet bubble, and The Space in Between was one of the best things to have pushed me outside of that! I learned that I could get over my nerves about working with a partner, and loved getting to experiment with more edgy contemporary choreography. I am also learning to be "in the moment" when I am onstage--I am trying to fully appreciate every moment I have during performances and tour, as this career is so unique and so fleeting!

Q. Is there a particular quote or idea that has been inspirational to you this season?

A. Nothing specific, but I have been continually reminded this season that nothing can be accomplished without God--His strength was sometimes all I had to rely on, and His goodness and grace was overwhelming.

Q. What are you up to this summer?

A. I will be doing lots of teaching this summer, and am looking forward to teaching at Ballet 5:8's summer intensive for the first time! I'm looking forward to hopefully doing lots of hiking, reading, and visiting some Lake Michigan beaches. I'll also be taking a trip to Virginia beach and Canada to spend time with my family before the next season starts.