Lorianne Barclay: Season Reflections

Our Fifth Anniversary has come to a close, and it's time to look back on the year and see what stood out to the dancers.

Q. Pick one word to describe this season overall. Why?

A. Press. I really feel this year as a company we pressed to new heights, challenges and to new places. The ballets we presented this season required every dancer on stage to dig deep in their story telling, their technique and artistry. At the end of the day both body and brain were equally spent. As a company we went to cities we’ve never been to before. Some of my favorite moments on tour were being able to connect and work alongside likeminded dancers across the country.

Q. What ballet was your favorite this season? Why?

A. Meditations. I performed it nearly a dozen times and yet it never got boring. The ballet was originally set on myself and Antonio. It held a special place in my heart having gone through the creative process with Julianna. I also think it’s special to be so familiar with a piece that near the end of the season, in rehearsal if something went wrong we knew exactly how to predict the other person’s reactions and go with it. Therefore, Antonio and I felt a lot of freedom to take risks to push it to the edge of the boundaries! 

Q. What has challenged you the most? How did you grow?

A. I personally would say the corps de ballet (group) work in Scarlet was the hardest of B58’s rep to date. I love dancing in large groups. The awesome feeling when everyone hits a climax together cannot be experienced elsewhere. But that only happens with a lot of practice and a lot of give/take with your fellow dancers. In the end we developed a lot of camaraderie going into the shows.

Q. A particularly funny or memorable moment?

A. After touring to Denver I performed a day later at sea level. What an crazy feeling. The air was so thick! I’ll be honest, I felt a bit like superman!

Q. Is there a particular quote or idea that has been inspirational to you this season? 

A. I have no doubt I have been called to this field of work, and yet I am constantly reminded that I cannot change people, I cannot make them feel something. And yet, God has called me to this: “Be a telescope for the infinite starry wealth of the glory of God.” (John Piper)

Q. What are you up to this summer?

A. Enjoying the sun, cross training and dancing. I will be the maid of honor in my sister’s wedding this summer. Also, during a portion of my break I will be interning with a wardrobe department for a major ballet company in order to get expertise for my other job at Ballet 5:8, as head of wardrobe. In between I’ll be spending time with my family and their brand new puppy!