Lorianne Barclay: Spring Season Interview

After a busy Spring Season, the Ballet 5:8 Company Artists have a few weeks off from rehearsals and performances before we head into the Summer Season and Summer Intensive. We are checking in with each of them to see what they're up to and what stood out to them during the Spring Season. 

Lorianne Barclay has now been with Ballet 5:8 for two years and will be returning this summer/fall to begin her third performing season! We are thrilled to have on her staff not only as a Company Artist, but also as our Costume Designer In Residence and head of the Ballet 5:8 costume department for both the professional company and our School of the Arts. 

What was your favorite moment this season? 

"Performing the World Premiere of Belteshazzar in Chicago. A copious amount of work and energy went into bringing the ballet to completion - It was a joy to share it for the first time with our home town audience before taking it on tour."

Which ballet challenged you the most this season? Why? 

"Four Seasons of the Soul. Each movement within Seasons is drastically different in style, but all of them are high energy and high emotions. I danced the Autumn solo which portrays intense of grief. All in all, this is the sort of ballet that, when danced well, leaves me feeling completely and utterly wrecked by the end."

Which has been your favorite ballet to perform this season? Why? 

Belteshazzar! I love the story of Daniel to start with, but the music and choreography stole my heart from day one.

Do you feel like you have changed this year? How? 

The repertoire this year was extremely diverse. I felt stretched and pushed to get out of my comfort zone constantly. Everything from learning to move lightening fast (Musings) to obscure hand twitching (Sigao Ekklesia).

What are you looking forward to about this summer?

Working on new pieces for the Company's 2015/16 season and performing in outdoor venues (Summer Season). It’s a stimulating experience to bring ballets we’ve done numerous times within closed walls outside into a fresh and open space. Suddenly I realize nuances about the piece I never found before. I also look forward to teaching during the Summer Intensive. I love the excitement and energy the young dancers bring into the studios we dance in every day during the year.

What are you looking forward to about the Fall Season? 

Moving forward and growing to love and know Chicago better. As well as, building relationships across the country and returning to cities we have toured to in the past!

What are you up to during summer layoff? 

Visiting my family and friends back in Portland, Oregon, drinking delicious NW coffee, cross-training, ballet class (can’t get away from it!), anything out in the sun and designing costumes for the 2015/16 season.