Marinna Kus: Spring Season Interview

After a busy Spring Season, the Ballet 5:8 Company Artists have a few weeks off from rehearsals and performances before we head into the Summer Season and Summer Intensive. We are checking in with each of them to see what they're up to and what stood out to them during the Spring Season. 

Marinna Kus has now been with Ballet 5:8 for two years and will be returning this summer/fall to begin her third performing season! We are delighted to have her back as a Company Artist as well as in her behind-the-scenes role of the Production Assistant for Company and Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts productions.

What was your favorite moment this season? 

Performing Sigao at Pritzker Park was a really amazing experience. Sharing a piece that is so personal to me with such a varied and diverse audience was a very vulnerable and real moment on stage. Especially [since the performance was] toward the end of the season, when I was feeling tired and burnout was starting to set in, it was refreshing moment and a reminder of God's grace in what I do.

Which ballet challenged you the most this season? Why?  

The Four Seasons of the Soul continues to be a satisfying challenge. The high level of technical work, nuanced movement, specific timing, and deep artistic ideas makes this ballet one of the most difficult and satisfying ballets to perform.

Marinna Kus as the soloist in  Sigao Ekklesia

Marinna Kus as the soloist in Sigao Ekklesia

Which has been your favorite ballet to perform this season? Why?  

I love performing Sigao. It has become one of my favorite ballets to perform.  I love the movement and how it stands out from the rest of our rep. It's also the ballet that continues to convict my heart every time I step on stage. There is always a new emotional and spiritual level to delve into.       

Do you feel like you have changed this year? How? 

I think this season has stretched me in my skill set. As I have taken on my job as Production Assistant, I have had countless opportunities to learn to problem solve and learn new skills. It has been a real challenge that has at moments seemed entirely overwhelming and impossible, but God has been faithful and I have learned a lot. I look forward to learning more in the coming seasons.

What are you looking forward to about this summer?

I'm very excited about the summer intensive. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to be on the teaching end of a summer intensive. I've been on the training end many times and reaped the benefits of professional dancers who came before and I'm really happy to give back to the next generation of aspiring dancers. 

What are you looking forward to about next season? 

I always look forward to learning new rep and resurrecting old pieces. The start of a new season is always exciting as we watch our schedule form and gear up for a busy time. 

What are you up to during summer layoff? 

I'm enjoying lots of time by my pool at home and the beach. I've been catching up with my family, boyfriend and friends. I'm also working to finish my bachelor's degree in accounting this summer through Florida Atlantic University.