Mediations: Lorianne Barclay

Ballet 5:8's program The Stor(ies) of You and Me returns to the stage this spring in cities across the nation. One of the great things about a repertory program is the variety - both for the audience and the dancers! With five different works presented in Stor(ies), there is truly something for everyone watching. There is also quite the depth of experience available - the works represent a wide range of movement styles, emotion and stories told. 

Solo Artist Lorianne Barclay

Q. How would you describe Meditations, in your own words?

A. The ballet is inspired by an article by C.S. Lewis entitled, Meditations in a Toolshed, Lewis presents the idea that two people can be present in the same place and yet see things completely differently based on their location/perspective. Similar to hearing both sides of a story, Meditations gives a duel perspective of a husband and wife relationship. At times all of us can be blind to what’s truly in front of us, until our eyes are opened to the light.

Q. What is your role?

A. The ballet focuses on a married couple, with a long history. I get to portray the wife who sees the “light”.

Q. What are you thinking as you dance the work?

A. I think about a lot of things, both abstract and personal life stories. I try to take the audience on an journey with my character: To see us as a couple, my joy, my enthusiasm to share the light with Antonio (who portrays the husband) and my feeling of disappointment when he doesn’t see the light. In the end I have a moment of realization, as much as I love my husband, I have to chose between the two. And then in a quiet still moment, it happens...

Q. How has the work challenged you?

A. I love telling stories in dance, this one has taken a lot of time outside of rehearsal to keep the story clear in my mind. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes artists can “feel” a lot of emotion and dump it on stage, or the artist can focus on the story, tell the emotion that comes with it. For me personally, it is much more authentic, but it does mean that not every show has the same expression. 

Q. Why see Meditations?

A. So far, it has been a crowd pleaser! Meditations tugs at your heart the way good art should. And the story has a bit of all of us, no matter which side of the story you see yourself on.