Olivia Kruse on Brothers & Sisters

Ballet 5:8 Artistic Director Julianna Rubio Slager’s new work Brothers & Sisters is a fun look at the beauty and contrast of men and women. In our culture today, it’s easy to overlook the simple beauty of what God made in male and female - and this work takes a moment to revel in the wonder of it! We’ve asked a few of the dancers to share their perspective on the work as it has been taking shape - and here are their answers.


Company Artist, Olivia Kruse

Q. Based on your experience, how would you describe Brothers & Sisters?

A. Brothers & Sisters is a happy, light hearted ballet. Dancing it, I am reminded just how beautiful and unique God has made each of us. This ballet is a celebration of family.

Q. What role(s) have you been dancing?

A. The part I have been dancing is a trio with my fellow dancers Emily and Chance. Our section shows the playful dynamic siblings have with one another.

Q. Describe the movement. What has been easy to capture and perform? Challenging?

A. It's been pretty easy to portray a feeling of family in Brothers & Sisters because all of us dancers are so close with one another. The biggest challenge for me has been stamina because the whole ballet continuously ramps up in intensity!

Q. What do you most enjoy about the work?

A. It is impossible to dance Brothers & Sisters and not smile. There is so much joy in this ballet!

Q. Why see Brothers & Sisters?

A. I feel like joy is contagious, and this ballet is rooted so deeply in seeing the beauty of those around us.