Ripple Effect: Summer Smith

Ballet 5:8's program The Stor(ies) of You and Me returns to the stage this spring in cities across the nation. One of the great things about a repertory program is the variety - both for the audience and the dancers! With five different works presented in Stor(ies), there is truly something for everyone watching. There is also quite the depth of experience available - the works represent a wide range of movement styles, emotion and stories told. This winter and spring, we'll continue digging into this depth of experience as we check in with the dancers and hear about their experiences preparing for Stor(ies) behind the scenes. 

Company Artist Summer Smith

Q. How would you describe Ripple Effect?

A. Ripple Effect has been a really difficult ballet to perform at times. It requires a lot of focus on things that people would rather avoid addressing. This can be draining, but I think it's a really important message to tackle. 

Q. What role(s) have you been dancing? 

A. I get to take on the role of Slander, with my fellow dancer Laura. This ballet has three sections- gossip, slander and lies. 

Q. Describe the movement. What has been easy to capture and perform? Challenging?

A. This ballet is very intense. It uses a lot of sharp and unexpected  movement to point out the effect that destructive tendencies can have on people. Because I am typically a sharp dancer, that part of the ballet has been very fun for me. What I've struggled with, however, is interspersing very drawn out and fluid movements to show the innate nature of the issues addressed in the ballet. 

Q. How do you get into your character?

A. I focus on the way really uncomfortable situations in my life have felt. I try to experience this specific "uncomfortability" in a visceral way.

Q. Why see Ripple Effect?

A. Because we all need reminders that the meek and humble will inherit the kingdom of God.