Samantha Zanol: Spring Season Interview

Company Artist Samantha Zanol, one of the first dancers to join Ballet 5:8 in 2012, has now completed three performing seasons with the company. This summer, Samantha will be embarking on a new adventure as she begins work with another nonprofit organization, Exodus Cry. Samantha has been a blessing to us all during her time with Ballet 5:8, both with her beauty and consistency onstage and through her quiet service behind the scenes. Among other things, Samantha has served as the Administrative Assistant for Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts since 2013 and had played a huge role in keeping everything organized at the Front Desk through some crazy, busy times! It is with a true mix of joy and sadness that we will be sending Samantha off after her final performance with Ballet 5:8 at Going Dutch on Friday, June 26, 2015. We will miss you Sam!

What was your favorite moment this season? How about during your time with B58 overall? 

It’s hard to pick one favorite moment. There have been so many! This year has been filled with new and exciting things. However, one of my favorite moments of every performance is talking with the audience afterwards. I love hearing what audience members took away from the performance and how God spoke to them through it.  

Which ballet has challenged you the most? Why? 

Musings has been one of the most challenging ballets for me this year. It has challenged me to move fast and trust myself because there is no time for hesitation. You just have to go for it!

Which has been your favorite ballet to perform? Why? 

Belteshazzar has been one of my favorite ballets to perform. I loved getting to play two completely different characters. I also loved that as a company we were able to dig deeper into the book of Daniel. My understanding of Daniel has grown as we have taken the time to really look into each character and how the story connects throughout the Bible.

How would you describe your experience over the past few years, overall? 

It’s been so exciting getting the opportunity to rehearse and perform with Ballet 5:8.  I have been stretched and challenged artistically, spiritually and personally. I’m so thankful that God gave me a chance to be apart of this company!

Looking back on your experiences, any words of wisdom for dancers who are auditioning for or joining new companies this year? 

Always trust where God is leading you. Step out in faith. It might be scary, but it is worth it!

Where are you headed next? 

This July I will be moving to Missouri to intern at Exodus Cry. Exodus Cry is a nonprofit organization that is seeking to bring awareness, intervention and restoration to victims of sex trafficking.

It is a bittersweet feeling as I have been so incredibly blessed by Ballet 5:8 and the people involved in the ministry, but I am excited for the new journey God is taking me on. 

samantha zanol (left) as abednego in  Belteshazzar: A Perilous Tale

samantha zanol (left) as abednego in Belteshazzar: A Perilous Tale