Scarlet: Beth Patterson

A Ballet 5:8 tradition, we are catching up with the dancers for some insights on the creation of Ballet 5:8's full length ballet/film hybrid Scarlet.

Company Artist Beth Patterson

Q. Tell us about your character. 

A. My character’s name is Credence and she is one of the four main puritan women in the village. She is the treasurer for the town church but unfortunately she doesn’t handle money very well and pockets some of it for herself.  

Q. What has been the most fun about learning your character and the choreography? The most challenging?

A. It has been fun getting to work with an acting coach, learning about different acting techniques, and bringing out my character more and more every rehearsal. The most challenging thing for me is that I have a hard time identifying with my character at times. I also have to remind myself to not be afraid to experiment and try new things even if they don’t work. Its important to figure that out in rehearsal and stretch the limits of the characters emotional scope so that when we’re on stage it feels organic and familiar. 

Q. How does the movement convey your character? The overall story?

A. My character is a quite nervous person because she is suspicious of people and doesn’t want to expose the fact that she steals money. There are a few times that she might look over her shoulder as if she feels someone watching her or she’ll grab at her pockets to represent her greed and selfishness. She also might be a little more detached from the rest of the puritan women at times because of her distrust and dislike of the community.

Q. Tell us about your experience during the creation of the film elements. Have you ever been in a movie before?

A. Filming was a new and fun experience for me. I had no idea what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised with how the film director, Preston Miller, worked with us. He made us feel as comfortable as possible and helped us get the rightmindset of our character and the scene that we were in. 

Q. Why see Scarlet?

A. Scarlet is just a fascinating ballet to see because it is so innovative and cutting edge. Not only do we get to tell this intense and emotional story - it is also supported by such creativity that gives classical ballet new life. When you come to see Scarlet, you’re are going to see something brand new that is never been done before.