Scarlet: Brette Benedict

A Ballet 5:8 tradition, we are catching up with the dancers for some insights on the creation of Ballet 5:8's full length ballet/film hybrid Scarlet.

Solo Artist Brette Benedict

Q. Tell us about your character. 

A. I'm playing the role of Hester Prynne.

Q. What has been the most fun about learning your character and the choreography? The most challenging?

A. What I've really enjoyed about learning Hester are the pas de deux works with the characters of Chillingworth and Dimmesdale. The music for both pieces really set up the mood of the scene and the emotions Hester is feeling. It's been a joy to work with both partners. The most challenging has been the very last scene for Hester.  The choreography is really technical and requires a lot of stamina.

Q. How does the movement convey your character? The overall story?

A. The movement was created to really tell our emotions. When Hester is nervous she has a lot of quick foot movements. When she is more passionate with what she is trying to say the movement gets much larger and "loud."

Q. Tell us about your experience during the creation of the film elements. Have you ever been in a movie before?

A.  I have been a part of a film production before with Willow Creek. The process was similar, it requires a lot of retakes. As dancers we are used to only having one shot on stage to tell the story and make a statement, so the retakes allow the nerves and pressure to be "perfect" go away.

Q. Why see Scarlet?

A. Scarlet is a wonderful work!  The film allows there to be more character development and story telling, which gives the audience a much clearer story of what is happening inside the characters' minds. The music is engaging and this ballet was created with a lot of passion from everyone involved.  We are so excited to be performing this ballet and the audience will definitely feel the same as they watch Scarlet.