Season Reflections: Brette Benedict

Company Artist Brette Benedict is in her second season with Ballet 5:8. During the Fall Season, she danced the soloist role in Julianna Slager's Winter from Four Seasons of the Souland in Slager's Mi Familia and in Preston Miller's And Mercy

Q. What moment in the Fall Season stands out to you? 

A. I would have to say our season premier show at the Athenaeum Theater is what stands out to me. We performed two new works and brought back a favorite from last season, Four Seasons of the Soul. There was a lot of work that went into that performance - and it resulted in a wonderful show! We became a family. The performance was a sweet time seeing God's love and grace work through us and everyone involved.

Q. What repertoire challenged you the most/how did you see yourself grow? 

A. The most challenging part for me was to relearn the winter solo from Four Seasons of the Soul. Since we had two premieres in the show, we worked very hard to rehearse and complete those ballets. Seasons was re-set quickly and I personally found it difficult to re-internalize the original spirit and intention of the ballet. I eventually realized that I couldn't just try and replicate that same emotions that I felt the first time we performed the ballet. I had to dig into my character anew, in a way that was relevant to where I am as a person now, a year after the original setting of the ballet. 

Q. Funniest moment?

A. We have a lot of different personalities in our company which allow for a lot of laughs.  I don't think I can pick a funniest moment.

Q. What is one thing that you’re looking forward to over the holidays?

A. The holidays mark the start of the Nutcrackers! I'm just excited to still be performing even during Ballet 5:8 winter break. I will be performing back home in Peoria, IL for the Cornerstone Academy for Performing Arts as well as at my church. I will finish off the season as a guest in the Party Scene for Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts' Beyond the Nutcracker.