Season Reflections: Christina Perry

Senior Apprentice Christina Perry is in her first season with Ballet 5:8. During the Fall Season, she danced as a demi-soloist in Winter from Julianna Slager's Four Seasons of the Soul, in Slager's Mi Familia and in Preston Miller's And Mercy


Q. What moment in the Fall Season stands out to you? 

A. During my first season with Ballet 5:8 I have made so many wonderful memories that stand out from the performances, bonding with the company, and teaching at the Ballet 5:8 school. What stands out most is the love and encouragement the staff and fellow company members have shown through their dancing, teaching, and spiritual life. Being a part of a challenging yet encouraging environment in the world of dance is a rare thing and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by inspiring artists who strive to serve God through the art of dance. 

Q. What rep challenged you the most/how did you see yourself grow? 

A. The repertoire that I found most challenging both technically and emotionally this season was my role in Winter as one of the three demi-soloists. Emotionally, Winter takes a toll because we [our characters] were dancing to our death on top of performing demanding and challenging technical steps. I felt very blessed to be cast in this role with the company and it helped me grow as an artist to portray the character through my dancing and emotional performance.  

Q. Funniest moment?

A. A funny moment during the season was when we left at 4:30 in the morning for our performance for Texas for we were all loopy and acting goofy from the lack of sleep, it made for an entertaining car ride.           

Q. What is one thing that you’re looking forward to over the holidays?

A. I am looking foreword to spending time with my family up north in Michigan and being able to spend quality time with them at our house. I am also looking foreword to catch up on reading some of my books that I did not get time to read during our performance season.