Season Reflections: Marinna Kus

Company Artist Marinna Kus is in her third season with Ballet 5:8. During the Fall Season, she danced as Mija in in Julianna Slager's Mi Familia, as well as in Slager's  Four Seasons of the Souland in Preston Miller's And Mercy

 Q. What moment in the Fall Season stands out to you? 

A. There are so many memorable moments in this season, but it was also so fast paced that it's kind of  a blur. We did so much in such a short period.  I think I am left with a feeling of great accomplishment, but I also feel like everything happened around me and I was watching.

Q. What rep challenged you the most/how did you see yourself grow? 

A. The highlight of this season's rep was definitely working with Preston Miller on his new work And Mercy. Our rep always presents news technical and artistic challenges, but this work challenged me to work to create an artistic world using a style of dance that was not familiar to me. I loved the intense physicality of the piece and the opportunity to develop deep artistry.

Q. Funniest moment?

I don't know where to start. We have a lot of fun.

Q. What is one thing that you’re looking forward to over the holidays?

I am so excited to see my family and friends back home. Going home is always such a sweet time after being away for months on end. I look forward to home cooked meals, coffee dates with friends,  beach time...and palm trees.