Season Reflections: Torie Arrington

Senior Apprentice Torie Arrington is in her second season with Ballet 5:8. During the Fall Season, she danced in Julianna Slager's Four Seasons of the Soul and Mi Familia and in Preston Miller's And Mercy

Q. What moment in the Fall Season stands out to you?

A. The moment in the Fall Season that stands out the most to me would be our tour to my hometown, Gunter, Texas! The audience was filled with my friends and family, and most of them had never seen a ballet before. Performing for them brought back such a joy that I haven’t felt while dancing in a long time! It reassured the fact that I am where I am supposed to be. There was such an overwhelmingly positive response, and that performance will always be one of the highlights of my career

Q. What rep challenged you the most/how did you see yourself grow?

A. Preston Miller’s And Mercy definitely challenged me the most. While choreographing the ballet, he asked us to dig deep into our emotions, stirring up some raw areas in my heart that hadn’t ever fully healed. We had to project anger and frustration from those very raw parts. It was a very interesting situation. By using past hurts and regrets in the ballet, I experienced a lot of healing. I have come out of that time with more of an understanding of who I am, as well as who Christ is as our Savior who pours incredible amounts of grace on to our marred pasts!

Q. Funniest moment?

A. Any time we are all together in a relaxed situation is always entertaining! But I found humor in our And Mercy rehearsals. During the two weeks that Preston was with us setting the ballet, he brought along a little Minion toy from a McDonald’s Happy Meal. It would sit on his computer. We would be at this extreme point of exhaustion and the Minion would start talking. It was a great tension breaker! Lots of laughter happened in those rehearsals!

Q. What is one thing that you’re looking forward to over the holidays?

A. I am most looking forward to spending time with my family! I really miss the great state of Texas. It will be nice to be moving at the slow pace of my hometown for a couple weeks. Not to mention, there is never a dull moment when all of my family gathers together. I am really excited!