Season Reflections: Summer Smith

Company Artist Summer Smith is half-way through her first full season as a full company member. During the Fall Season, she danced as a demi-soloist in the Summer movement from Julianna Slager's Four Seasons of the Soul, as well as roles in Slager's Mi Familia and in Preston Miller's And MercyWe asked each of the company artists to tell us a little bit about their experiences so far this season - here's what Summer shared. 

Summer Smith

Q. What moment in the Fall Season stands out to you? 

A. A moment that stood out to me was during a performance in Oklahoma City. We were performing with another company and one of the dancers came up and asked if she could pray for me. I was touched by the heart she had for what we are doing and was encouraged by her sincerity. 

Q. What repertoire challenged you the most/how did you see yourself grow? 

A. The most challenging thing for me has consistently been The Four Seasons of the Soul. It scares me a bit every time I perform it, particularly during the summer movement because it intensely challenges my technique while at the same touching into past emotions in a way that demands vulnerability. I have seen growth in my heart for this work. Though it is a challenge for me, I find passion to attack the work in thinking about the story behind it.

Q. Funniest moment?

A. I always really enjoy moments during rehearsal where everyone bonds over how tired and loopy we get sometimes. Our work is extremely tiring, but it's great to have such a loving environment where I get to take joy and humor in work with people I consider to be sisters. 

Q. What is one thing that you’re looking forward to over the holidays?