The Space in Between: Antonio Rosario

Ballet 5:8’s 2018/19 Season program features Artistic Director Julianna Rubio Slager’s brand new ballet The Space in Between, a story inspired by C. S. Lewis’ novel The Great Divorce. Throughout this spring, we'll be checking in with the dancers to hear about their experiences preparing for and performing The Space in Between.

Lead Artists Antonio Rosario and Stephanie Joe rehearsing the roles of George MacDonald and The Narrator in  The Space in Between .

Lead Artists Antonio Rosario and Stephanie Joe rehearsing the roles of George MacDonald and The Narrator in The Space in Between.

Lead Artist Antonio Rosario

Q. What role(s) have you been dancing?

A. I am playing one of the members of Grey Town and also as George MacDonald.

Q. Based on your experience so far, how would you describe The Space in Between?

A. I would describe it as a galaxy. Full of complex movements, lifts, turns, and broken lines in Grey Town but with moments of symmetry that bring harmony and joy like those in the movements in Heaven. It has a great flow from beginning to end and it captures the essence of what C.S. Lewis describes in his reflection on the Christian conceptions of Heaven and Hell.

Q. Describe the movement. What has been easy to capture and perform? Challenging?

A. In Grey Town, the movement is expansive and lines are broken. We tried to see how far we could go from the classical form so that it could read distortion, broken, rebellious, and grotesque. Some of the movements are a challenge but very fun since it's not the norm to do such poses or to dance in this particular form. In Heaven, we take some of the movements from Grey Town but we refine them to look longer and pure. In essence, those movements are redeemed and are turned into what could be a testimony of what happens when God enters the picture.

Q. How has the story impacted you?

A. It has definitely shown me the heavy reality of how people lived their lives apart from God. There is a clear brokenness in our world that most people aren't aware of but this ballet pinpoints the areas of human wickedness and distortion. Everyone is trying to fend for themselves and selfishly wants everything for their own pleasure. It has been a blessing to be convicted in this way because I am able to lay aside my desires (as hard as that can be) and instill a spirit of servitude. God is very clear that He will provide us with everything with need (Philippians 4:19) - not a single thing will He withhold that we need. I can put my trust on that important truth.

Q. Why see The Space in Between?

A. It will leave you thinking of what else is there besides this life we live day to day. It goes beyond the physical realm of what we see every day and takes us to a place that transcends any rational thought of what is and what people are becoming. The Space in Between will take you on a journey of discovering who God is and what He wants more than anything - to know you, to love you, and to care for you - the ultimate discovery.