The Space in Between: Laura Peterman

Ballet 5:8’s fall program includes Artistic Director Julianna Rubio Slager’s brand new ballet The Space in Between, a story inspired by C. S. Lewis’ novel The Great Divorce. Throughout this 2018/19 Season, we'll be checking in with the dancers to hear about their experiences preparing for and performing The Space in Between.

Company Artist Laura Peterman

Company Artist Laura Peterman in rehearsal for the Grey Town movement from  The Space in Between .

Company Artist Laura Peterman in rehearsal for the Grey Town movement from The Space in Between.

Q. What role(s) have you been dancing?

A. I play the role of an Angry Woman in the Grey Town movement, and then the role of Pam, a female ghost longing for her dead son to be with her, even though it means he'll have to join her in hell.

Q. Based on your experience so far, how would you describe The Space in Between?

A. The Space in Between is unlike anything I've ever danced before--the movement is contemporary, edgy, and detailed, and the story is rich with characters, side plots, conflicts, and more. It's a really creative and unique way to tell the story of Lewis's The Great Divorce. The story is a really interesting, almost bizarre illustration of heaven, hell, and the consequences of choosing one over the other.

Q. Describe the movement. What has been easy to capture and perform? Challenging?

A. The movement is angular, "punchy," and exciting. Capturing the dynamic and intensity has been a really good. challenge, and it's been fun fleshing out each character and role.

Q. How has the story impacted you?

A. It's really made me think about where my priorities lie, and also about the seriousness of death and the afterlife. What are we holding on to, that we refuse to let go of, that is keeping us from grabbing on to salvation and eternal life in heaven? It has put earthly things into perspective, in light of heavenly things.

Q. Share your perspective on the relation between The Great Divorce and what the audience can expect to see of your featured character in the ballet.

A. Similar to the story, Pam makes a brief appearance where we see her twisted love for her son and the desire that he choose her over heaven. Unable to cope with his choice, she disolves into hysterics and flies off stage, the last we see of her character.

Q. Why see The Space in Between?

A. The Space in Between is a thought-provoking story and a creative piece of art and dance. Not only is it an entertaining and impressive evening of dance, but it is also a moving piece of art, generating discussion and conversation long after the show is over.