Stor(ies) of You and Me: Brette Benedict

Ballet 5:8's program The Stor(ies) of You and Me returns to the stage this spring in cities across the nation. One of the great things about a repertory program is the variety - both for the audience and the dancers! With five different works presented in Stor(ies), there is truly something for everyone watching. There is also quite the depth of experience available - the works represent a wide range of movement styles, emotion and stories told. This winter and spring, we'll continue digging into this depth of experience as we check in with the dancers and hear about their experiences preparing for Stor(ies) behind the scenes. 

Solo Artist Brette Benedict

Q. How would you describe Stor(ies) of You and Me?

A. Stor(ies) of you and Me is a very personal piece.  You are able to see four very different women's personalities and their stories. What I love about the piece is that by the end you see these women come along side each other and support one another.

Q. How would you describe the movement?

A. The movement is very big and flows seamlessly through the work.

Q. What stood out to you about working with Mr. Mitchell?

A. Mr. Mitchell knew exactly what he wanted.  He knew the movement he wanted us to do and the music he wanted us to dance on. He worked endlessly, just a couple steps at a time to really capture the movement he wanted.  

Q. What is most challenging? Most relatable?

A. What is most challenging is to make my character's story relatable to me. (Each of the characters in the work have experienced tragedy in some way.) Unlike my character, I fortunately haven't been a car crash that really altered the way I look! What is most relatable is the feeling of not being able to stand on my own two feet - Those times in my life that I really wouldn't have made it through without a close friend or family member.

Q. Why see Stor(ies) of You and Me?

A. Stor(ies) of You and Me does have some very real, tragic relatable stories but there are light hearted moments that make you want to laugh as well as comforting moments of peace.  Stor(ies) is so relatable in friendships, so I would recommend bringing a friend to come watch it!