Strangers and Angels: Lorianne Barclay

Ballet 5:8's fall program Compass premieres this October. Made up of four individual one-act ballets, one of the great things about Compass is its variety - both for the audience and the dancers! The works in Compass represent a wide range of movement styles, emotion and stories told, so there is truly something for everyone watching. Throughout this 2017/18 Season, we'll be checking in with the dancers to hear about their experiences preparing for and performing Compass: Navigating Cultural Tension with Compassion.


Solo Artist Lorianne Barclay

Q. What role(s) have you been dancing?

A. I am dancing a soloist role alongside Samuel in this ballet. In the earlier portion of the ballet we are a refugee family with one daughter, later in the ballet we are an immigrant refugee couple.

Q. Based on your experience so far, how would you describe Strangers and Angels?

A. It’s a ballet that captures an age-old situation of refugees finding themselves as wandering strangers in an unknown land. The ballet spans 100 years to show that this is not a new dilemma, but rather an age-old one we need to consider.

Q.  Describe the movement. Any surprises?

A. Strangers and Angels has a raw and edgy movement style. In the modern day portion of the ballet it becomes very fast paced and driven. 

Q. What do you most enjoy about the work?

A. I really enjoy the second half of the ballet which we perform in keds. It was a fun challenge to take on learning how to move in a different shoe and in a much more contemporary style than we typically use.

Q. Why see Strangers and Angels?

A. This ballet has caused me to really reflect and consider how I am carrying for the strangers in my country. I don’t think about this often enough, but as a Christian I am called to care for the stranger, and by acting in obedience, who knows - I could be entertaining an angel!