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If you read our most recent post, you know that it takes a ballet company a little while to get ready to begin the actual performing segment of the performing season. Just a little over a week ago - and after several months of sweat and hard work - Ballet 5:8 hit that point in the season when all the performances start creeping up. And oh have we been busy. 

indwelling from semeiotic

If you were around Chicago's North Side the last couple of weekends, you may have noticed a lot of artists out and about - and you may even have run into the dancers of one of B58's multiple casts of Indwelling. We had a great time performing in conjunction with the Andersonville Arts Weekend and Semeiotic: DWELL, a juried art gallery. The short piece was well received by its Arts Weekend audience: viewers commented on the intensity of the dancers' movements and interactions within the piece and the clear struggle between the  figurative "Old Man" and "New Man" portrayed through the dancers' dramatization of their characters. And despite being a rather serious and reflective work, Indwelling even caught the attention of one young audience member who convinced her family to return to the gallery a second evening to see the dance and "the ballerinas" again.

You also may have run into B58's dancers and Artistic Director Julianna Slager in the hallways of Moody Bible Institute during the school's annual Missions Conference last Thursday. B58 dancers performed excerpts of the yet-to-premiere ballet As We Pray during morning and evening main sessions. B58  enjoyed the opportunity for Slager to share a little of her heart for spreading the Gospel in the artistic community and her passion for a God-centered view of the arts in general during her midday presentation on arts and ministry (you can view a snippet here). A significant tidbit from the discussion: The arts cannot be a forum for Gospel-sharing if the artist does not first believe that art has intrinsic value because of art's Creator and the artistic aspect of His character. From there, the artists' expression can readily point back to the Creator and giver of Grace and is realistically engaging to audiences.

Looking ahead, B58 is now preparing for the premiere of As We Pray during the second weekend of November. How long has it been since you took a moment to reflect on the rich, impactful elements of the familiar words of The Lord's Prayer? Join us for the first full performance of As We Pray.