Welcoming Morgan Kelly

It is our pleasure to welcome Morgan Kelly to Ballet 5:8 as a Company Apprentice for the 2017-2018 Season. We've asked each of the new dancers a few questions so we can get to know them before the season begins.

Q. Where will you be coming to Ballet 5:8 from? Where are you from originally?

A. I'm originally from Indiana, but spent many years training in downtown Chicago. 

Q. What attracted you to Ballet 5:8?

A. I was attracted to Ballet 5:8 for the message they share. Combining some of the things I’m most passionate about - my faith and ballet.  

Q. Why do you dance?

A. I dance for so many reasons, almost too many to count. I think of the main reasons I dance is to express myself in a way words can’t describe, as cliche as that might sound. Dance has a way of making art so tangible. It express human emotion that is otherwise so hard to express.

Q. What is something you enjoy about Chicago or think you’ll enjoy about Chicago?

A. This is such a tough question for me. I basically grew up in Chicago so I think at times I took it for granted. Aside from the fact that the city at night is breathtaking and the architectural designs in the buildings are amazing, I really love the culture Chicago has to offer. Chicago is definitely a melting pot, I feel like there is something for everyone. Museum, stadiums, theaters, coffee shops, pizza places and so much more.

Q. What is one thing people will be surprised to learn about you?

A. Well everyone that knows me knows that I’m pretty obsessed with my dogs. I have a black lab, Maddie, and a Bichon Shih Tzu, Maggie. Another fact you might be surprised to know is that even though I grew up around Chicago I’m a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan.

Q. What are you most looking forward to about the coming performance season? 

A. I’m looking forward to new challenges. I’m most excited for all the new rep we are going to learn and perform. New choreography is one of my favorite things so I’m looking forward to seeing the new works that Ms. Julianna will be choreographing.