Meet Taylor Thrasher. Taylor is currently a student at Moody Bible Institute. Though she may not have planned to be involved in the world of ballet when she came to study at Moody, we're quite glad that God brought her into contact with us and that she will be serving as a Ministry Intern in the fall!

Where are you from, and how long have you lived in the Chicago area?

I am not sure where the Lord will take me and I have moved quite a bit throughout my life, but I consider Colorado to be my hometown. I moved to Chicago in January of 2012 to begin studies at Moody Bible Institute.

When did you start dancing? What has kept you going to get where you are now?

I started dancing in North Carolina when I was four years old. Dance is something that can always be fine tuned, modified, and perfected to another degree--a continual challenge. The challenge, expression, different styles, strength, creativity involved, and love of dance inspired me to continue the art. I would like to thank my dance teachers, friends, mentors, and the Lord for giving me a passion to pursue dance

What part of the ministry of Ballet 5:8 you are most passionate/excited about?

Dance is a way of communication in which words do not adequately describe. It is in a way, a universal language that can be interpreted by many. It can show passion, feelings, and devotion--ultimately, a way of worshiping and glorifying the Lord. I pray that the Holy Spirit would move in people’s hearts as we minister and share the Gospel with many and grow in faith and joy as we pursue and delight in the Lord through dance {Proverbs 16:9}.