As We Pray enjoys its Premiere

When the music stopped, the applause was purposeful and full. It was evident that everyone in the room, dancers and audience members alike, had experienced a meaningful time of worship.

The premiere of As We Pray on Sunday 11/10 at St. Paul's was a wonderful time, with over 75 people in attendance in the intimate black-box theater set up in St. Paul's gym. B58's goal is to engage audiences in a meaningful discussion, and this performance certainly seemed to fit the bill.

As with most pieces, individuals found different parts of the ballet stood out to them. One audience member, Sandy, commented that she particularly enjoyed the sections on "give us our daily bread" and "lead us not into temptation." But overall, she said referring to the entire ballet, "I found it moving." Many others thanked us for the reminder of the freedom from the condemnation of sin we can have through Jesus Christ, portrayed poignantly in the section in the Lord's Prayer that says "deliver us from the evil one."

Additional performances of As We Pray, some in the context of church-wide nights of worship, are soon to be released for the second part of the season beginning in 2014. In the meantime, B58's dancers are looking forward to two upcoming appearances at Dance Chicago: Saturday, November 16 and Friday, November 22. B58 will be showcasing a snippet of Artistic Director Julianna Slager's classical work Proverbs on the 16th, and then a longer excerpt from B58's classic Life in Question on the 22nd. B58 is thrilled to be able to join the greater Chicago dance community for this annual collaborative event. Get details at our performance calendar here.