Pointe Shoes, Valentines Day and a Brand New Story Ballet

At least in Midwestern states, where it snows a lot, January is known for being something of a bummer of a month. Post-Christmas letdown, snowstorm-induced boredom and a growing antsy feeling commonly known as "cabin fever" are all associated with the first few months of "real" winter after the holidays. Here at Ballet 5:8, we decided to combat January by keeping busy. Very busy.

Since our last post in November, 2013, the Ballet 5:8 professional company had the privilege of making several appearances at small events for Christmas. Then, the company artists took the weekend of December 14th and 15th to help out with the School of the Arts production of The Carpenter's Son. Despite snowy conditions on Saturday, we were blessed with two moving performances by the cast and a record 1,100 guests in attendance for the performance. One of our favorite comments from an audience member was, "it's all about Jesus!" What a privilege to be able to share about and celebrate the birth of our Savior through the ballet.

After heading home to rest for the Christmas holidays, we reconvened last week and are now hard at work setting two brand new, full length ballets.

The first, as you've likely heard, is based on the Biblical book of Job. At least in my experience, we in Christian circles often skirt past the story of Job, not wanting to "deal with" the tough issues that the story brings up. WHY does God allow Satan to torment Job so? What did Job do to deserve all the loss that he endured? However, God's Word is said to be "living and active" (Hebrews 4:12), "true" (Psalm 18:30), and "upright" (Psalm 33:4). Moreover, in Timothy we find that:

[2Ti 3:16-17 ESV] All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.


Since we couldn't find any verses that qualify some parts of God's Word as too challenging or exempt from these promises, we decided to tackle Job and see what God taught us. The process of creating a story ballet based on the story of Job has forced us all, choreographer and dancers alike, to take a sober look at the story of Job and start wondering what God may be trying to say through the difficult tale.

Just a few weeks into the process, we are all developing a deeper appreciation for God's greatness, His bigness, His power, His absolute power over the Enemy, and the mysterious goodness of all His ways, even as we are also developing a sober appreciation for the fact that the life lived in obedience to God is, at times, not all fun and roses, sometimes involving valleys, deserts, and seasons of suffering.

As we get closer to the premiere of the full length neoclassical ballet, it is our hope that our audiences too will grow closer to God through taking time to experience the story of Job. If you're interested in seeing a performance, check our touring calendar. Also, if you have moment, we would greatly appreciate your prayers! You can sign up for the prayer newsletter at our website here.

Want to hear about those pointe shoes and Valentine's Day? It's going to have to wait until next time, so make sure you're subscribed to our blog (see below) and read the next post, coming to your email inbox, Facebook, Twitter and Ballet58.org soon.

Sincerely in Christ, Amy Kozol Sanderson Ballet 5:8 Executive Director