Interview: Miriam-Rose LeDuc

Q: When did you join Ballet 5:8?
A: I joined Ballet 5:8 in August 2013 for the 2013-2014 season.
Q: How long have you been dancing? 
A: I've been dancing, honestly, nearly as soon as I was able to walk!  I started taking ballet lessons at age 5, and decided when I was 9 years old that I wanted to train to become a professional ballerina.
Q: Where do you call "home"?
A: This one has multiple possible answers...I suppose the easiest answer would be Maryland, right outside of Washington D.C.  My family and I moved there when I was twelve, and they have lived there ever since.

Q: What led you to pursue dancing for a Christian company?  A: I've always felt that God had given me a unique gift, and a purpose to dance ballet.  I knew that He wanted me to use this gift to represent beauty and truth, and ultimately to share the Gospel.  When it came time for me to audition for ballet companies, I had been thorough in my research but had not discovered a company that shared my mission and values. One night in the middle of audition season, I felt like God was telling me to look one more time, and I followed his lead.  This last search led me directly to the Ballet 5:8 page, and as soon as I saw it, I thought, "this is it. This is where God wants me to dance."

Q: What role, or what ballet has been your favorite with Ballet 5:8 so far? How about the most personally challenging? 
A: Such a wonderful question!  I've honestly enjoyed each role I've had the privilege of dancing with Ballet 5:8 thus far, and they have each come with their own challenges and joys.  If I had to choose one, however, I think it would have to be Bildad in The Story of Job.  Not only is the role very technically demanding and pushed me to do more than I ever thought I could, but Bildad's character is so foreign from my own!  Bildad is unforgiving and very harsh towards Job, and it was a challenge for me as a dancer and actress to find something within me that could help bring Bildad to life. I really enjoyed digging deep, developing that character, and letting his personality show through the steps.
Q: What is the most important thing you keep in your dance bag or locker?
A: I'd like to think everything in my dance bag is important until I actually clean it out and find a million pairs of useless dead pointe shoes...besides shoes that aren't quite dead yet, I would say my Camelbak water bottle is probably my most prized possession.  Hydration is important in those rehearsals!

Q: Why dance? A: The easy answer is I dance because I love it.  But there's so much more to it than that, because there are many days when my body is aching or tired and I would honestly rather not be in the studio.  I dance because I believe that I'm taking the talents God gave me and turning them into something beautiful. He gave me this gift, and it's my responsibility to use it and develop it as much as I possibly can, not just so that one day He can say "well done", but so that I can share the beauty He is allowing me to make with the audiences who come to see me dance.  My hope is that by sharing beauty, I would inspire people to seek the truth and ultimately find God.  That is why I dance.