Autumn at Dance Chicago

For the second year in a row, Ballet 5:8 will be appearing at the annual Dance Chicago festival several times in several different capacities. An event filled with tons of variety and glimpses of dance companies from throughout the Chicago area, Dance Chicago embodies a special energy and sense of collaborative excitement that is rarely felt at performances by a single company. Curious? Come out to see us at one or more of the following times.

Ballet 5:8 Ticket Code

Buying tickets to one or more of the shows? Make sure to use ticket code "dcheartse" to get $9 off your ticket and support Ballet 5:8 in addition to Dance Chicago.


Musings - Wednesday, November 19 at 8:15pm - [click here for tickets]

For the first time ever, Ballet 5:8 will be the sole performer for this installment of Dance Chicago's New Moves series. In the spirit of Dance Chicago's love for variety, the company will perform three distinctly different works: Sigao Ekklesia, an exploration of questions about Church, Indwelling, a picture of the struggle between the Old Man and the New Man in the life of the Christian believer, living in the paradox of the already/not-yet, and Musings...Or Don't Take Yourself So Seriously, a humorous tutu ballet that illumines the struggles, victories and inside jokes of the ballet dancer's world for the audience (yes, you're allowed to laugh, we haven't stopped laughing since we started creating this ballet).

DANCE SLAM - Saturday, November 1 at 8:00pm - [click here for tickets]

Our Student Ensemble, made up of pre-professional dancers from the Conservatory and Trainee Programs, will be competing in a competitive performance known as DANCE SLAM. A Dance Chicago tradition, DANCE SLAM features as many as 30 short acts by different Chicago performing arts groups. Set up like a variety show with everything from ballet to contemporary to tap to acrobatics, juggling and more, DANCE SLAM is a ton of fun for everyone. Last but certainly not least, the performance program is actually a ballot that audience members can use to vote on the performances in a handful of performance categories.

Future Stars - Saturday, November 15 at 8:00pm - [click here for tickets]

The professional company will perform briefly in Dance Chicago's Future Stars variety show with excerpts from the recent premiere of The Four Seasons of the Soul.