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Ballet 5:8’s Compass features four one-act ballets inspired by the challenges of navigating cultural tension in the present day.

From an alien society to 1970’s Chicago, Compass stretches across time and space to explore some of our country’s most pressing topics. At times witty and satirical, and at times deeply emotional, Compass is full of athleticism, power and poetry.


Friday Feb. 2 | Saturday Feb. 3

Trinity Christian College | Palos Heights, IL


You can join the conversation.

Following each performance, audience members are invited to attend a TalkBack panel discussion with Ballet 5:8 Artistic Director Julianna Slager and artists of the company.


In the Program

Antonio Rosario & Brette Benedict in Strangers and Angels

Antonio Rosario & Brette Benedict in Strangers and Angels


"...when these charged topics are approached through Julianna’s choreographic lens of compassion, it is clear that the purpose of the program is not political at all. Its true purpose is to inspire empathy and kindness, and all artists involved in Compass deserve congratulations for successfully emoting and delivering this message with grace."

- Kristi Licera, Dancermusic.com


"Ballet 5:8 is an imaginative, hard-working group of artists with some very carefully thought out ideas."

- Johnny Nevin, Dancermusic.com


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