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There is a time and season for everything under heaven. A time for war and a time for peace, a time to hate and a time for love. This certainty is written into the fabric of creation. 

The cool mist of spring gives way to the intensity of summer. Summer leads into the celebrations of harvest and the the decay of autumn. Autumn leaves shrivel and are covered with the white blanket of winter. And while winter’s grip may feel unending, it gives way once more to spring.

The turning of seasons parallels the recurring themes of human life. The soft innocence of youth, the impassioned zeal of adolescence, the celebrations and tragedies of adulthood and the coming winter of life’s final chapter. Using a new orchestration of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, Ballet 5:8’s Artistic Director Julianna Slager lets this classic work influence and inspire yet another generation as it strikes the deep chords of humanity and nature in harmony.  

Premiere: October, 2014
Re-Creation: October, 2018
Choreography: Julianna Slager
Costumes: Lorianne Barclay
Music: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
Length: 40 Minutes