The Four Seasons of the Soul is an electric journey through the complex spiritual life of a Christian believer. This deeply personal work draws on the seasons of nature as a basis for exploration of the triumphs and failures of a life of faith, modeled by those who have gone before. The work illuminates scenes from spring, summer, fall and winter in vivid color and emotion as they reflect not only on the seasons of nature but also on the seasons of life.


Nature's four seasons, when examined parallel to the seasons of life, offer a multifaceted reflection on the human life cycle full of layers of color, shapes, sounds, emotions and even temperatures associated with each season. Spring's delicate beauty and innocence fades into the passion and often brashness of summer, the maturity and majesty of autumn, and at last, the finality of winter. So it is with life. 

But the most stunning reflections between the seasons and life come not with the human life cycle lone, but with a reflection on the new birth and new life cycle of the Christian believer. Though all have a physical birth that marks the spring of physical life, Christians also encounter a second, spiritual birth that marks the spring of their walk of faith. This spiritual spring, also marked by delicate beauty, innocence and overflowing joy, fades into the passion of the summer of faith. Almost too much, too hot, too forceful, the spiritual summer at last begins to mature into the beautiful spiritual autumn and finally, the white, elegant and icy winter. 

Perhaps most notable and most surprising about Four Seasons is its genuineness. When choreographer Julianna Slager begin to develop the vision for this work, she saw a ballet that challenged its viewers to reflect on the potentially magnificent bigger picture from a brutally honest perspective. Just as the seasons of nature don't always transition gently from one to the next, so Slager's Seasons is not afraid to portray the storms and struggles that come with the seasons, sometimes at the most unlikely moments. Seasons invites those who experience it to loose themselves in the captivating neoclassical choreography, brilliant costumes and enrapturing emotion and yet challenges us all to wonder where we see ourselves in the picture.