What is the meaning of life? Is there a God? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is death?

 Life in Question Invites audience members to ponder some of life’s toughest questions in the context of an emotion-filled, sometimes haunting piece set against the backdrop of a busy city. Is there an answer?


One of Julianna Slager's works set during Ballet 5:8's first performing season in 2012-2013 , Life in Question uses movement and gripping emotion to explore a collection of life's most basic, most significant, and often most haunting questions. The work consists of distinct sections, each one dedicated to a different question, that are linked and blended together to form a journey-like experience. Questions ask, Is there a God? and What is the Purpose of Life? The choreography, set only loosely to the winding score with few distinct points, requires that the dancers start at the beginning and dance through each section before coming to the next. Much like life, there is no opportunity to pause in a particular moment or to skip ahead to a section farther in time.