Ballet 5:8 is a 501-(c)-3 nonprofit organization. Though our financial needs are partially supported by earned income, such as ticket sales and tuition dollars, we rely on the additional support of a generous team of individual and business donors, nonprofit partners, performance sponsors, and public and private grants to cover up to 30% of our operating budget. These are individuals and organizations who believe in Ballet 5:8's mission and make our work - things like creating brand-new ballets, participating in free-to-the-public performances, and making financial aid scholarships available to students in our school - possible through their ongoing support. We like to call them the Ballet 5:8 Family.

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Storytelling is one of the world’s oldest and most beautiful forms of dialogue, connecting people of every race, gender, religion and way of life. Scarlet - a story of pride, judgment, hypocrisy and redemption - matters, particularly in today's divided and antagonistic time. Your support can make our ability to tell this important story through film and dance.

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2016/17 Season Benefit Campaign

$25,000 Raised

Financial support raised for the Benefit Campaign sustains Ballet 5:8's work in a vital way, accounting for as much as half of our fiscal year need for contributed funds. THANK YOU for helping us to raise half of our fiscal year need for contributed funds by the first performance of the season!

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