Under the creative direction of Artistic Director Julianna Slager, Ballet 5:8 is a company dedicated to artistic ingenuity, innovation and excellence, and to celebrating the exchange of ideas in the creative realm. The result? Breathtaking performances that expand the possibilities within the art form and engage audiences in meaningful discussion..


Ballet 5:8, now in its Fifth Anniversary Performing Season, was founded by Julianna Rubio Slager and Amy Kozol Sanderson in 2012. Starting out with just three company artists, two apprentices and a trainee, the company spent its first season performing wherever there was an opportunity, in venues ranging from Links Hall in Chicago to schools all over the city and suburbs.

Today, Ballet 5:8 has a growing roster of 12 professional dancers and an expanding repertoire of original, innovative works choreographed by Ballet 5:8 Artistic Director Julianna Slager and other contemporary creatives. The company shares the beauty, power and inspiration of professional dance with over 3,000 audience members across Chicago and the United States through over 40 performances in settings ranging from theaters to school gyms. 

Ballet 5:8's multifaceted dance education center, Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts, extends the company's mission to over 200 students each year at campuses in Frankfort, IL, Chicago (Beverly), and Valparaiso, IN. The school includes a nationally-recognized pre-professional ballet training program, a range of recreational dance classes for all ages and levels of ability, and a uniquely nurturing environment where students thrive. Ballet 5:8 is passionate about training and equipping the artists of tomorrow and investing in local communities through accessible, high-quality dance education.


Our Mission

The mission of Ballet 5:8 is to employ artistic ingenuity, innovation and excellence as we celebrate the exchange of ideas in the creative realm. 

Our ongoing commitment is to the creation and performance of new, abstract and narrative works from the unique basis of our Christian faith, and to the development and creative exploration of the dancing artists, choreographers and composers of our day. 

Our goal is to serve as a catalyst for genuine discussion of life and faith with audiences and artists alike, in the context of breathtaking dance performance


Ballet 5:8's studio and rehearsal space is located in Frankfort, Illinois, just outside of Chicago - the third largest city in the United States. Each season, Ballet 5:8 performs not just in downtown Chicago, but all over the city, in surrounding suburbs, and all over the U.S.. The goal? To share discussion and breathtaking dance with all kinds of people in all kinds of neighborhoods and communities, spanning all kinds of social, economic, cultural and other divides. With each new year, Ballet 5:8 expands the reach of its mission to new communities, new cities, new states - even new countries - and wherever there are opportunities to go.