Join Ballet 5:8 this summer to learn, grow, gain inspiration and be refreshed.


Summer Intensive

Make technical gains, increase artistry, explore choreography, and deepen your faith - all in a uniquely nurturing environment where students thrive.

Collegiate Intensive

Make technical and artistic gains in a challenging yet supportive professional environment, and explore Ballet 5:8’s mission and commitment to innovative storytelling and breathtaking dance.

Emerging Choreographer’s Workshop

Learn about choreographic theory and mechanics, explore Ballet 5:8’s commitment to innovative storytelling and breathtaking dance, and gain hands-on experience by setting work during Ballet 5:8’s Summer Intensive.

Revive: A Retreat for Professional Dancers

A powerful weekend of refreshment, relationship and revival for professional dancers! Gain rest, revitalization and renewed passion. The retreat centers on providing time and space for dancers to experience spiritual and emotional healing through prayer, meditation, one on one spiritual mentorship, and group seminars.

Christian Dance Educators Leadership Summit

Gain practical insight and inspiration on teaching and pedagogy, choreography, administration, staff management, leadership and more from seasoned directors in the field.